Matters of the Mind


“A Bird Sitting on A Tree is Never Afraid of the Branch Breaking

Because Her Trust is Not on the Branch But on it’s Own Wings.

Always Believe in Yourself” ~ Unknown


Do You Expect Good Things to Happen in Your Life?

Research has shown that if we expect good things to happen in our life they often do. Feeling positive isn’t some magic formula that guarantees good, but there is a direct link between our feelings of positive expectations and the release of endorphins in our brain that act as natural painkillers. These in turn help us to deal with the stress and difficulties and to think clearly enough to be able to create possible solutions to them.

The reverse happens when we have low expectations of positive outcomes. If we think negatively about things, the release of these same endorphins is inhibited. We tend to feel more depressed and it becomes difficult to think about positive outcomes when the situation appears hopeless. Once this cycle continues, we need something to happen to change the perspective and provide us with some optimism to kick-start the flow of hormones again.

The influence of others positive expectations of our performance and us also influence our expectations on ourselves. Teachers and parents who have positive expectations on a student’s ability to produce a specific standard of work that is within the capability of the student often see continuous improvement in their work. Low expectations often produce low results.

There are numerous examples of underachievement in our schools. Those same students, when provided with teachers gifted to help them believe in themselves, often can improve their grades and excel. This same attitude can turn a failing business into a profitable company if those charged with strategic planning believe in the products and services they are marketing to customers.

A motivated person with high expectations of themselves and belief in what they want to achieve, will seek ways to achieve their goals and dreams and this in turn produces endorphins that help to maintain the focus even when there are barriers in front of them. Each small success increases the positive expectations and outcomes. An unmotivated person is weighed down by self doubt, risks focusing on negative outcomes and expectations and often cannot see the small successes as necessary stepping stones to more significant ones.

If you are in a state of low self-expectation and negative thinking, surround yourself with positive people who can help you to re focus and believe in yourself and in what you want to achieve with your life. Do you expect good outcomes in your life?

Natalie  Angrisani – 11/22/2017




When Things Go Wrong:

Are They Failures or are They Opportunities?

Many people try new ideas and when they don’t go well for them, they give up and feel like failures. Others, after trying new ideas and failing refuse to give up and continue to try and many of them succeed, and those who don’t just enjoy the experience and turn their hands to something else.

Why do some people choose to make the most of the experience no matter what the result may be and others rate it a failure if things don’t go well?

The answer is an optimistic attitude to every experience in life. Successes are achievements enjoyed today and failures are learning tools for future experiences. There are no failures; they are simply steps towards future successes.

Learning to laugh at our mistakes and to dream big dreams are two very important characteristics that optimists develop that enable them to look at something that some may call as a failure as a learning opportunity. When we take our selves too seriously, we are more likely to think of our failures as permanent and they often attack our sense of self worth. When we can focus on our other successes and see this as a setback that we can laugh at and continue to dream of success next time we maintain our optimism.

So how do we deal with failure so we can see it as a learning tool for the future?

  • Challenge what you think of success and failure. It’s our perception of them that makes us see failure as negative and success as positive. Failure is simply part of the journey to success, the ultimate destination.
  • When you feel a failure because of a poor result or outcome, set yourself goals immediately, deciding how to continue your journey to success. The old, but familiar saying of “climb back on your horse immediately after you fall off” is based on this concept.
  • Look at a failure from the perspective of the big picture, not the small picture. You may have not achieved the outcome you wanted, but you did achieve. Make a list of all the things you learned and gained from the experience and celebrate those things. They are achievements, it is not one complete failure, but many small achievements and they deserve to be celebrated.

Failure is about opportunity and embracing failure as opportunity helps to eliminate failure from your vocabulary helping you to stay optimistic and find success in everything you do.

Natalie Angrisani – 10/21/2017





If you really have no clue about how to get everything in life, you are not the only one. Thousands of people are not sure of what they want and how they will achieve it.


You cannot realize what you actually want in your life till you put yourself at first place and know what you want. Just ask yourself that if you were not stuck between job, friends, family, home etc, then what would you be doing or what would you like to achieve in life. Always make it a point to put yourself at first place because till that time you will not know what you want for yourself, you will not be able to get it.


Sometimes it may be tough to find out what you exactly need. But just sit down and relax. Think of what you need and what are your dreams in life? Is it about your family, financial security, job, fame or what? Make a list of things you want in life and then go further.


You need to remember the fact that success doesn’t come when you don’t take any action about your dreams and goals. Even when you have some clear objectives in life and you don’t take any action, you will definitely find it difficult to reach for them. Make sure you take the best advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t be greedy but at the same time, don’t be lazy. Opportunities will come when least expected, so grab them whenever they knock your door.


Just don’t keep your dreams and wants to yourself. Try to voice it out loud. When you tell people around you what you are trying to get in life, they will also start supporting you and provide you new ideas to achieve the same. Maybe some people would be of help to you while achieving your goals in life.


Getting everything in life is not sheer victory. Sometimes you will face obstacles and challenges but you need to accept the fact that success comes with learning from your own mistakes and by overcoming the challenges. You have to believe that even the most successful people make mistakes in life and they overcome the obstacles to go ahead and achieve everything they want. So, never ever let mistakes disappoint or break you.

Last but not least, success is actually based on wisdom. Help everyone around when you can. Never forget, you were once someone who had no idea what to do or how to accomplish your goals.J

Natalie Angrisani ~ 9/16/2017




It does not matter how old or young you are, what you do for your living or where you belong, everyone shares something in common i.e. they want to be successful in life. But every person’s definition of being successful is different in some way or the other. While some may call success as having a faithful spouse or being a responsible parent, others equate it with fame, power and wealth.

To start your path to success, define what it means to you. You cannot be successful if you don’t know what it actually means to you. Set your goals clearly and be as realistic as possible.


Next in the journey towards success is to plan ahead of what you want to achieve in life and plan big for yourself. Never underestimate your value or skills and plan accordingly.


Know the things that affect you, the things you simply love to do and the ones that provide you utter satisfaction. As you identify what you like, you can use it to find the main goal of your life. Knowing what you love will bring you motivation along the course of your journey towards success. 


Distractions can be the spice or forbidden fruit in your life, so be clear and be focused on your goals. Distractions will surely be there but don’t let them affect you. When you see that your goals take a backseat because of distractions, just eliminate them once and for all. `


You need to accept the fact that life can be really unfair. You can wish it to be different or you can also take the step forward to go out there and really do something. Stop wasting your time and use situations for your own benefit. Just think that Newton would have complained about an apple falling on his head and hitting him but instead of that he discovered the law of gravity.


Remove fear from your thinking and stay focused on positive things in life. And when you fail, just don’t be fearful, be positive and start again.

In fact, the ways to be success will be filled with hard work, rejections, pain, disappointment and other things but as you reach the end, you will definitely feel victorious and happy. Be really proud about overcoming the obstacles and reaching your goals. Take satisfaction in your accomplishments when you experience success.

Natalie Angrisani ~ 8/12/2017




Here we will be sharing a few tips and suggestions on how you can achieve everything you want without going crazy. “You” are the most important part of the formula that helps you to get everything you want. When you know yourself completely, know what you want, you can have it. Most people say that they know what they wish to achieve but the truth is that there is so much happening around them that they don’t focus on themselves. They just keep running after their goals but don’t give much time to know oneself.


Just sit down in a silent atmosphere and ask yourself what is it that you want in life? If you don’t get any answer, leave it there and come back to it some other time. When you finally get to know what you want or what you want to achieve, then start planning for it. The “you” part of the formula is the foundation of your goal and your actions, plans and thoughts are the surface structures.

Next comes the actual planning where you need to write it down clearly about what you think, what you want, what you should have and how to achieve it. Have a document for all the goals and dreams you wish to achieve. Start with the simple ones and then move towards the bigger goals.


After you have made a plan, you have to visualize it as well. Have a look at your wants again, close your eyes and visualize yourself achieving them. Just get the feeling of how does it feel when you achieve your dream. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Keep this as your motivation and move towards achieving your goals.


Taking final action is the success point of your whole journey. You should do something to get everything you want from life. Action is the step which needs total dedication and hard work. Without doing it, all your planning and visualizing will go in vain. When you see that your plan and visualizing is fine, then action becomes the most crucial step.


Be motivated to do things to achieve your goal. Be clear about how to progress and understand the importance of it all. You will notice that action will take you towards the final attainment and you cannot take this step lightly at any cost.


Finally, having a positive mindset is what pays off. A lot of people believe that a positive mindset is like half the battle won along with timely action.

We are shaped by and succeed through , our thoughts and actions.

Natalie Angrisani ~ 7/9/2017